Kingshow M0705 Snow Boot Reviews


If winter is just a drop in temperature for you, then any boot would be suitable for your requirement. But, if you find winters as the perfect time to trek and hike in the snow-covered mountains, then you need to choose a snow boot.

The Kingshow M0705 Snow Boot is a branded one and comes for less than $40. Although I am not very fond of cheap boots as I have found the discomfort not very worthy of the financial saving, this boot has surprised me and the many users, who have reviewed this boot positively.


You might not have heard of the brand Kingshow a lot. Even I did not know much about this brand and did not know what to expect. Certainly you cannot expect them to be anywhere close to Caterpillar boots. But, for $40, it was worth more than the price.

With absolutely no break-in period and a great fit, they are great on the very first hand. The boots are quite light in weight; despite the insulation. About an inch and a half of a heel give it a great comfort on concretes.

However, the difference between this boot and an expensive one becomes apparent after a 12 hours shift of continuous wear. There is a little lack of shock absorption as the sole is slightly on the thinner side. Therefore, there is a chance that you will end up having aching feet.

Kingshow M0705 Snow Boot Reviews

I would personally not prefer to wear them. But I would recommend these for those, who are looking for an impressively lower price, those, who work on a softer surface or those, who will be wearing the boots for less than 8 hours. These are not meant for the workplace, and hence, there is no electrical hazard protection and safety toe. But if these are not what you require, it is a deal breaker for you.

Critical Reviews

Kingshow has had it absolutely on the spot in maintaining the basic feature of a snow boot, and that is to keep your feet warm and dry. Although I haven’t tested them on extreme colds, but I have worn them on snowy winters and my feet was dry and warm.

The Kingshow M0705 might not be an eye catcher, but I like the brown version of the available two styles because of the white line that it has in its design. I can wear them with anything and even on weekends.

I do not have a strong idea about this. But I have heard customers complaining about its durability though the percentage of these customers is very minimal. But at a price of $40, it is fine if you can wear them for about 6 months. With about 200 reviews giving a score of 4.3 out of 5 stars, it is not at all a bad score. However, most of the reviews have focused on “value for money” and some even go with the comfort appreciation. I too kind of agree to it.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly boot, this is the one for you. Although the safety features are not present, they are good for short work hours and soft surfaces. I would recommend them for those, who are looking for something that is exclusively for the cold season. Check out most comfortable steel toe shoes for more information.