Maintaining Your Work Boots


If your boots are made from a soft, supple leather you should polish them regularly for protection, water resistance (to some extent), and to keep their appearance pleasant. If may be necessary to replace the heels periodically as they do tend to wear out when used on a daily basis, however not all shoes are designed to have their heels replaced. As with the heels you may need to replace the soles occasionally since they also tend to wear out over time.

Shoelace’s do tend to break and fray with time and use so they will probably need replacement every once a while. There will occasionally be other repairs needed such as reattaching or replacing inner liners, reattaching broken straps or buckles, etc. All of these maintenance items will help lengthen the life of your boots and can be far less expensive than replacing your old comfortable work boots. Most areas have shoe repair shops or cobblers as they are more commonly known in the trade. These businesses can do almost all of these repairs.

Maintaining Your Work Boots

Shoe etiquette

In some cultures it is common for people to remove their shoes when entering a home of business. This practice is done to avoid tracking dirt and debris into a home of office. However, this practice can be displeasing to some because of the potential for foot odor. In some Arab cultures, showing the soles of your shoes to your host is considered highly insulting.

You should be considerate of others when traveling and only remove your shoes if you are comfortable in the knowledge that you do not have an odor problem. If you are traveling somewhere and you know it is expected of you to remove your shoes upon entering a building you should take steps to prevent or eliminate foot odor before leaving on your trip.

Foot Odor

Serious foot odor often results from wearing shoes and/or socks for many hours, as they provide warm, moist conditions for bacteria and/or fungi to thrive. It is also common to get foot odor from wearing poor quality shoes as they do not allow the foot to breathe as well as good quality shoes.

Most people find foot odor unpleasant, while those who have it may be embarrassed. For this reason, some people avoid removing their shoes around others, or they are asked to keep them on or put them back on. This is paradoxical, since being shoe less as much as possible is one of the best ways to prevent the feet from becoming smelly in the first place. There are several good quality products such a shoe liners, foot powders and medicated products to help alleviate severe foot odor problems. If you are one of those people that suffer from serious foot odor you should look into these products.

The smell of foot odor is usually a warm, cheesy scent, but can sometimes be ammonia-like. Brevibacteria are considered a major cause of foot odor, as they ingest dead skin on the feet, especially on the soles and between the toes, converting in the process the amino acid methionine to methane thole, which has a sulfuric aroma. Some types of powders and activated charcoal insoles, such as Odor Eaters, have been developed to combat foot odor, but they are not as effective as thoroughly washing feet, choosing shoes with proper ventilation, changing socks regularly, and only wearing shoes when necessary.

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