Original SWAT Men’s Classic Tactical Boot Reviews


Meant and designed for workplaces that need you to stand on your feet for long hours, the Tactical boots are unlike any other boots that you usually wear for regular or average workplaces. They are very comfortable and durable and protect your feet from potential damage and distress. Hence, the popularity of these boots is increasing with every passing day, amongst the working men. One of the most popular and stylish Tactical boots in the market is the Original SWAT Men’s Classic Tactical Boot. Here is a useful review that would let you know about its features.


The first thing that I would mention is that this boot from the house of Original SWAT does not require any time for adjustment. You can start wearing them from the very first day, by teaming it up with your socks.

Moreover, what is absolutely deceiving from its appearance is that it might be very heavy. However, the fact is that it is absolutely light in weight, despite the high cuts and grooves that it has got.

The custom moulded EVA midsole gives the boot a firm grip that goes really well on the concrete floor, although it was not specifically designed for this purpose. The padding on the floor is flexible and soft, making the boots absolutely comfortable for the 8-hour-plus shifts.

Original SWAT Men's Classic Tactical Boot Reviews

Safety features

The Original SWAT Men’s Classic Tactical Boots come with slip resistance and electrical hazard protection that meet their respective ASTM Test standards. You also get an option of steel or soft toe.

The grip is strong that grips with almost anything and everything. However, despite the 9” length, it has almost no ankle protection.

Critical Reviews

Despite the high cut, they are quite breathable. Hence, they do not offer much insulation. It is good for hot or warmer climatic regions, but not very ideal for colder zones.

In the light rain of about 2”, these boots can give you waterproofing. But rainy climate or working atmosphere that experiences more exposure to water or moisture is not ideal.

Although you will get the military or police styles, the black version is quite stylish and I personal favorite. It can be teamed up with jeans. The leather looks scuff proof. Although the acrylic easily gets dirty, it can easily be cleaned.

The ease of maintenance or cleaning, the comfort and the durability of this Soft Toe Version of the Men’s Classic bring them an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 starsfrom about 200 reviews. However, the basic complaint is associated with sizing that most recommend going with a size up. The reviews are often given by those, who wear them for hiking, trekking, running or complete military usage and not by people, who wear them at work.

The high-quality materials and the solid construction make these boots quite durable, and you can expect them to last for about a year, if not more than that. With a sub $100 price, this is quite enough to ask for.


I would recommend this Tactical Boot to everyone. If you like the high cut, this is the one that you would love for your workplace. The steel toe version is great for workplace atmosphere. Click here to know more about the best work boots.