Skechers 77001 Reviews


The 77001 from Skechers is quite a well-known shoe. However, it does not enjoy much success in the review section. Despite the fact that Skechers makes the shoe, the product has largely received negativity from all the users. So, let us find out how bad the shoe actually is:

The comfort levels

At first glance, the 77001 does not look that bad. The fitting is okay, and the shoe is quite soft to wear, and it can be used for work easily.

However, this is actually a trap! In just 3 or 4 hours you’d understand why this shoe fails. If you spend time on your feet, then you’d certainly gain heel pains. The shoe does not have anything which can be called or termed as shock absorbers, in fact, it has the opposite of it if there is anything like that. If you are aiming for comfort levels with the shoes, then it would be better if you walk barefoot. As a work shoe, it fails completely.

Skechers 77001 Reviews

The aspects of safety

Sadly, the Skechers 77001 lacks behind on the safety factors too. It neither has a steel toe, nor it possess a puncture protector, but they were not promised as well. However slip resistant was written on the pamphlet, but it does not feature on the shoe in any way. Yes, the shoe lacks the power to be slip resistant. However, you can also put it this way—the shoe would actually aid you in your slip. Bad!

In the style factor

The shoes, undoubtedly, look like the ones which you can see at the adverts. They are sleek, nondescript and black. They can pair up with almost anything. And on the brighter side, they don’t look as cheap as they cost.

What’s the Durability?

Well, I did not spend much time on the shoes as I got fed up with it quite quickly and threw them away. We can let the real customers decide on that matter. I had basically bought the shoes to check how bad they were thanks to all the negative ratings, 1 out of 5 stars, given by the majority of its customers. It has a 2.7 average overall rating out 5, with 71 reviews! And that’s low.

Users have complained about, actually, everything with the shoe. It is fact; some have termed it as the worst working shoe ever. The best comment that I have read about it by far has to be—if you plan to wear it, don’t buy them. My views are the same.

The final word

If you need to buy these shoes, then it has to be the absolute last shoe on earth that you can grab your hands on. They slip, even though they are called anti-slip shoes. They can’t be used for work, even though they are deemed as work shoes. They lack shock absorption, and they also provide zero safety. So, even if you manage to spend a month with the shoe, we are sure they would simply fall apart after that.

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