Skechers 77009 Reviews


Skechers is a renowned shoe brand. However, the company only concentrates on making sneakers, and that’s the reason why many do not opt for them.

But, quite recently, we got news of the Worshire Relaxed Fit shoes. The shoes were deemed—stylish, cheap and they were from the Skechers Company, and I wanted to try them out instantly.

So after using it for a month, here’s what I think about this particular shoe. Should the company stick to making sneakers only? That’s the question!


At first glance, the 77009 looked very positive. Out of the box, the shoe actually surprised me, as it looked just like what I had seen online. The shoe can easily be deemed as one of the best weekender work shoes. Plus, they contain no break in time at all!

After wearing it for 10 hours or so at a stretch, I did not suffer any issues. The company has named the product right at least, as the shoe did not higher up my stress levels. They ran long, at least, longer than what I expected at least.

I also liked the shock absorbent sole of the shoe as described in the advert. Long hours can easily be more comfortable with these shoes. The bed of the shoe foot is also detachable, which is a good thing, to be honest.

Skechers 77009 Reviews

Safety aspects

The shoe does have a steel toe. Some users suggested that it did not have one, but they must have used the earlier variants of the product. But the shoe has them, and they are not that heavy too. The shoe also has an electrical hazard protection, a big heel for ladder security and also an anti-slip sole.

Durability of the product

The jury is still out on this factor. However, the shoes have a good built quality, and many believe that you can use for more than a year. And since the pricing is under 100 dollars, what more can you ask for.

Style and the design

Style and the design of the shoe was one of the reasons why I bought the shoe in the first place. The wheat colour did not disappoint me at all. It is never easy to own a pair of shoes which you can use at work and also on the weekends. But, Skechers 77009 has planned this perfectly in that aspect. The shoe can fit well in any scenario; work or play. However, the shoe can attract stains, so be careful with it.

Reviews from the users

Very surprisingly, it varies from mixed to negative. Currently, it possesses a meagre score of 4 stars out of 5 with 66 reviews on e-commerce website Amazon. Half of the people gave the product a 5-star rating and one in 10 gave it a single star. People have voiced their negativity about the size and the actual looks of the shoe.

The final word

I liked the shoe, and I would wear them often as it provides a blend of style and comfort. The customer reviews do worry me a bit. But, the price is quite low, and hence, I would recommend it to others.

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