Top 3 Waterproof Creams To Protect Your Work Boots

Our feet require protection from day to day heavy work, if we’re an electrician, mechanic, or do mining work, or any kind of heavy work. These boots help in protecting our feet from heavy injuries and shocks. In midst of our busy schedule, we hardly get time to take care of them. But it is very important to take care of them, as they save of lives. There are several creams and sprays available in the market for their protection and cleanliness, but only some are worth of your money. Let’s have a look on them.



This wax is perfect for your leather boots, as it doesn’t just remains on the boot, but solidifies on it, in the form of wax, and hence lasts longer. It protects your leather from touch conditions like rains, dust, snow, sun and salt. The best part is that it is made from bee’s wax, not from animal oils and greases, which can rot natural leather. Also, they clog all pores, which can be harmful, as your leather needs to breath for long age. The best features about this wax are:

Top 3 Waterproof Creams

  • No use of animal products oils and greases. It is made from bee’s wax, natural and safe alternative for your leather boots.
  • When you apply this wax on the boots, it solidifies, and remain on the boot for longer, hence, longer protection, with better performance.
  • Some oils and greases, on regular use, soften leather, and your top work boots are supposed to be hard, otherwise, they won’t be able to protect your feet. This wax doesn’t softens your leather, instead makes it stronger with regular use.
  • When the temperature is low, leather tends to be hard, due to obvious reasons, but this wax prevents it from turning into a rock, and maintains flexibility, which is required you to work on the field.
  • It won’t clog pores, and let the leather breath, for longer life. Some oils block those pores, and make leather less durable, making their life almost half, but then this wax could be your saver.

This wax is your perfect partner for your leather. The high quality wax is what your work boots deserve, despite that, you can also use it on waxed cotton and tent seams. This wax will help you in keeping the boots dry, shiny, and dust free for longer.


Leather Conditioner, the Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968

Leather honey is different than your regular leather wax. It rejuvenates the leather, makes it alive, adds shine and makes it juicy from the inside. The working procedure of leather honey is different from leather wax. It works internally and hence, last way longer than regular wax. It lasts 6 months, whereas, you have to apply monthly in case of other products.

Best Waterproof Creams for Work Boots

  • It makes leather alive from the inside, thanks to the 50 years old formula. The formula hasn’t changed a bit, and so is the quality. Witness your leather when it becomes better than ever when you apply this trusted formula.
  • One application of leather honey lasts 6 months or longer, yeah, you read it right. This happens due to the formula that freshens up the leather, softens it, and protects extensively from rains and dust.
  • One for all, no matter which type of leather you’re using, this leather honey can shine all type of leathers, including leather furniture and upholstery, automobile and motorcycle seats, boots, gloves, purses, saddles and tack.
  • It is non-sticky, non-toxic, odorless and does not contain silicone, which could be harmful for the long age of the leather.
  • The formula is water repellant, so you care free walk in the rain and snow.
  • The product guarantees pure performance, and cent percent satisfaction. You can return the product if you’re satisfied and you will get your money back. However, it is not going to be the case in this product.

The formula is patented by small family, and delivering the product from 50 years. The product is truly outstanding and stands out apart in case of leather polish. I would recommend it to every man out there, as, no man can ever hate leather.



This heavy duty leather preservative is very good option for making your leather lasts longer. The ability to repel dust, water, salt and chemicals makes it a desirable product. The preservative can be really helpful for the regular work boots that need day to day care. As the name suggests, the polish is for heavy use, and could make your leather alive with just one polish.

best selling work boots creams

  • It offers premium protection against any kind of chemical attack, salt attack, water and dust. This results in long age of the leather. The durability of leather directly increases, added benefit is shine.
  • When the preservative is applied, it instantly flow through the pores and make the leather soft and supple. When polished, a new shine appears on the leather. Due to internal mechanism, it last longer, and helps in preservation of the leather.
  • If artificial chemical, silicone and other synthetic compounds are used on leather, it makes it dull and rough. But this preservative doesn’t contain anything harmful, which guarantees that your leather is safe from rotting.
  • The preservative can be used for any type of leather, upholstery and seats. It can make any leather shine and alive

The company has good reputation and is continuously providing customers with quality products. The preservative is a perfect partner for your leather when it comes to increasing durability. You can take your leather boots to extreme conditions, by regular use of the preservative. The bottle is available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. version. Choose the quantity according to usage. I would recommend this if you want your leather to live till you’re alive. This preservative is really effective and one of the best available currently in the market. Grab it before you lose your leather boots to carelessness.