How to clean Work Boots

One of the most effective ways to make your work boots last is by taking time out to clean them regularly. Without proper care, even the most expensive of boots will get damaged fast and won’t last.

Work boots are built to be durable and tough to handle the rigors of the workplace. The fact that they get exposed to different hostile environments like mud, dirt, dust, rocks, thorns, and even harmful chemicals, means proper care needs to be given to them as often as possible to help prolong their years of use.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some simple hacks that can help us in cleaning our work boots more effectively.

Steps to cleaning Work Boots effectively

  • Take out the laces: loosen and detach the laces to expose the tongue and other concealed parts of the boots and wash the laces separately.
  • Thoroughly clean off all debris and dirt: for dusty boots, get a soft dry piece of cloth and run through the boots, cleaning off all specks of dust and sand residues, both on the body and soles. For muddy, slimy, or wet mess – dip your soft piece of cloth into a mixture of water and soap and carefully mop off all caked mud, slime, or mess from the body and soles of your boot. Dry up with an old dry towel. For boots made out of fabrics, get a soft brush and dip into a solution of water and soap. Take the next few minutes to carefully scrub identified dirt stains until the surfaces are properly cleaned up. Then, dip a small piece of an old towel into water and lightly squeeze it before using it to clean up the work boots. Leave out in the sun to dry properly.
  • Apply polish: apply leather polish of appropriate color over the body of your boots and leave for five to ten minutes before finishing it off with a shoe brush to bring out the shine.
  • Dry: put it out in an open space to dry.

Helpful Hacks to Remove Stains from Work Boots


Inks stains can be quite tough to get out, especially when they are not done immediately and have had the time to dry up. However, this proven hack can be of help to you as it has been to others over the years.

Get a cotton ball and pour in some alcohol. Rub against the ink spot on your boot in a circular motion until the ink dent wears off. Apply leather polish to the spot, to restore the shine of the leather.


To remove stains with corn starch, ensure that your work boots are dry. Apply corn starch on the grease stains and leave it to stay overnight to be able to absorb the grease completely. Using a soft piece of cloth dipped in soap and water, wipe off the corn starch from the surface.

There is no guarantee that the stains will be gone completely after the first try. Just repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.


Talcum powders have solid absorbent power and are therefore an even better option in removing grease, oils, and other types of stains from your work boots. They are very affordable and easy to use. They are also natural which eliminates the possibility of it having any adverse reaction with your boots.

Pour the powder onto the area with the stains and leave it to stay there for an hour or more. Get a soft leather brush and clean-off.

Apply leather polish to restore the shine of your work boots and you’re fresh for the next day of work.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how to clean and properly care for your work boots is important. It is an easy, yet vital process that determines how if your work boot is going to last you for long or you’ll have to be spending chunks of your wages in changing them in a few months.

Even the most expensive of boots won’t last due to lack of proper care, and likewise, the cheapest of low-quality work boots could still have their years stretched if properly maintained.

Take time out to care for your work boots using the tips in this article and you will be surprised at how long those boots can last you and how much extra bucks you can save that way.

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