How to wear Work Boots with Jeans

Jeans and boots are like a match made from heaven. You can hardly ever go wrong in them. However, it is a very different ball game entirely when it’s not just your everyday fancy fashion boot but a work boot. Because of the nature of the environment where they are going to be used, most work boots are made to be rugged, and so they are heavier and bulkier than regular boots. They are meant to protect you even in the harshest of contexts and so, every part of it, from the sole to both the outer and inner parts comes extra padded and fortified in relation to casual boots.

In this article, we are going to be exploring ways in which you can wear your work boot on jeans and still look pretty cool.

Logger work boots and Jeans?

Hell yeah!! If you want to step out to work in the morning looking all rugged and manly, then this is a perfect option to explore. They work well with both fitted and casual jeans and would give you that cowboy look that a good number of men covet.

You can try out a combo of your regular straight jeans and tee-shirt tee-shirt on your logger boots to achieve a casual look or decide to go all cowboy-mode by wearing a rolled-up long sleeve shirt on a pair of jeans, with a hat to match.

Chelsea work boots with Jeans

Chelsea work boots are a great option as they can easily be tweaked to achieve both a casual look and a formal look, whichever you choose on the day. They also give your dress that cool, trendy look.

If you are the type that is big on style and love to make a statement wherever you step into – workplace included, then a pair of Chelsea boots on fitted jeans and a white tee, topped with sunglasses could be the best option to achieve that cool look.

If you wish to step into your workplace in a formal look then your pair of Chelsea boots on jeans, topped with a sweater could be another angle to try out.

‘All work and no Play …’

Perhaps you are the type that loves going to work looking all formal and serious all the time and wish to pull a surprise in the yard by stepping in looking playful for a change?

Then, you might want to try out a black puffer jacket on fitted black jeans, finished off with a pair of dark brown Chelsea boots and a sunshade. Boom! You have your colleagues all surprised and asking you “what has come over you today?”

The semi-formal look

Being an office worker working in a yard environment or a site can have you feeling out of place. For instance, an accountant working in a construction yard can be torn in-between looking all formal, like it’s a bank setting, and dressing to suit the current context he has found himself.

In this case, you might want to consider striking a balance. Perhaps a simple combination of fitted jeans on a shirt will do to tone it down a bit. You might want to consider rolling up your sleeves to expose your quality leather watch and leave the first couple of buttons on your shirt open too. Finishing this off with a pair of Chelsea boots will have you looking in tune with both your profession and your present environment.

Another option to explore could be to wear your jeans with a white tee on top, finished up with a suede blazer and a pair of Chelsea boots. However, it would be expedient to try this option on a day you’ll be sure to be inside the office all day as you don’t want to be in the sun for long hours with a blazer.

Ankle lace-up work boots on jean

Ankle work boots are probably the most popular type of work boots you’ll see around. They are also a very good choice to go for when you consider versatility. They are easily recognized by their extended shaft that reaches up to the ankle area.

Just like the Chelsea boots, they can go well on anything. You even have the luxury of knotting your shoelaces in a variety of ways to add flavor to your dressing. However, you have to take time working your laces, unlike the Chelsea boots.

Whether with a tee-shirt, jacket, shirt, or sweater, you would hardly ever be wrong wearing your ankle lace-up boots with jeans, whether fitted, casual, or ripped.


Which color of work boot fits best with Jeans?

If you ask for our opinion, then we’ll say BROWN! Brown brings the magic. You’ll be surprised at the spark that a medium brown to dark brown leather boot will bring to your workplace appearance.

Black is believed to work with any dress color combination but might not be the best option in this case as it might end up making you look a bit too formal and serious. Other color options like blue, burgundy, or red will simply limit your options.

* If you are working in a dusty environment, i.e. Construction sites, quarries, workshops, etc, you’ll find the color brown a very valuable option as it easily blends with the color of the earth. All you have to do is simply dust it and you’re ready to go.

Should I tuck my jean inside my work boots or leave them outside hanging?

I think this depends on your person and on what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to step into work looking formal then you might want to cut out the idea of tucking in your jean. In other cases, you can decide to tuck it in.

Tucking in your jean prevents dirt and debris from getting stuck in your jean.

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